The Untold Stories of lil Terrence & Avelah

Coming Fall 2019

An unexpected friendship is born when a patient, kind-hearted teddy bear named Terrence meets a busy, adventurous bluebird named Avelah. Through helping each other while on a journey to find Terrence’s best friend, they quickly realize that their differences are what make them a great team. 

THOUGHTS: Despite our greatest losses, new friends and adventures await us all when we are open. New experiences come after losses. We grow into new life and awesome adventures when others end.
FEELINGS:  Losing something or someone special can be a lonely feeling and Terrence knows how you feel. It is hard to lose something of importance. Loss is a sad emotion. It is okay to feel loss, but it allows us to grow.
ACTION:  Discover your endless possibilities just like Terrence and Avelah’s new adventures. New adventures are waiting when we are ready. It is exciting to see possibilities.

On the surface, The Untold Stories of Terrence and Avelah is an endearing tale of friendship, but with a closer look reveals more. Behind each adventure is a lesson, making the story the perfect platform for parents and teachers to address complex social ideas in a fun, cheerful way.

The book is the first in a series by author and illustrator Maxwell Emcays. Children won’t be able to contain their excitement to see where Terrence and Avelah’s journey will take them next.