Nia & The Lion

Nia & The Lion is a coming of age story that follows a young girl growing up in the inner city as she discovers her strength. Confidence can easily become arrogance and self-love can easily become selfish. Nia must learn to keep The Lion on the lease so she can use her power to excel.

What is your Lion?

THOUGHTS: Nia inspires children to find their power in order to reach their full potential. Children are the future. We want to empower them to be their best. Believing in them is the first step. 
FEELINGS: You are not alone, and this book will teach children why. It is important for everyone to feel like they have others to rely on. Company makes us better and happier people. Never think that you are alone in your battles.
ACTION: Now it is up to you to find what that inner power looks like. Does your inner power look like a lion? Is it an elephant? A cheetah? Maybe we all need to take a look at what our inner power truly looks like.