ft. The Super Adventure (The Untold Stories of lil Terrence & Avelah)

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Terrence, a naive but affectionate teddy bear and his new friend, Avelah, a spunky bluebird who is always up for an adventure. In The Untold Stories of Terrence and Avelah Featuring the Super Adventure, the two go in search of Terrence’s best friend and cross paths with an owl who gives them sage advice about how to be a hero.

THOUGHTS: On this adventure, we learn that we can all be a hero even without a cap and a mask. Never limit yourself. Believe that you can be a hero. Caps and masks are not what really makes a hero. Its the heart that makes a hero.
FEELINGS: Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Follow Terrence and Avelah as they discover how. We all are trying to be a hero. It seems impossible to fly to our dreams and goals. We all have a bit of super hero within us.
ACTION:  Now that you are a real superhero… up, up, and away! Time to fly away and fight. We are all superheroes. It is time to shine.

The problem is, Terrence and Avelah don’t quite understand what the wise owl is trying to tell them. As they attempt to find out what being a hero really means, they share several wacky experiences. Suddenly, they hear a cry for help. Being able to step up in a time of need, the two friends finally grasp the definition of a hero.

Using humor and light-hearted fun, series author and illustrator Maxwell Emcays draws readers into the story in a way that is easily relatable to children. The book is a great way to launch a conversation about real-life heroes and the characteristics that make them special.