ft. The lil Werewolf (The Untold Stories of lil Terrence & Avelah )

On their journey to find a friend, a teddy bear named Terrence and a bluebird named Avelah seek guidance from a wise owl before stumbling upon a lonely baby werewolf. While the scruffy stranger frightens Avelah at first, together they discover that they all have more in common they could have ever imagined.

THOUGHTS: We learn that when we assume things about others, we can never make new friends. Why should we put people in a box? It hurts them and us. We can never grow and be open to others if we do not give them a chance.  
FEELINGS: No one likes to be judged and neither does The Little Werewolf. It makes us feel bad when others judge us. Judgement is not nice. We should always be nice to others. 
ACTION: Now we know that we can make friends with anyone no matter how they look, sound, or even smell. Do not judge a book by its cover. It may seem like a bad choice, but we should always be open. We may learn new things. This is true for people too.  

The Untold Stories of Terrence and Avelah Featuring the Little Werewolf is part of a book series written and illustrated by Maxwell Emcays. The tales follow the pair’s adventures as they make their way through a busy park encountering characters who share life lessons.

Through an upbeat storyline and colorful illustrations, children can easily relate to the friendly werewolf and understand how it’s no fun to be judged by others. This opens the door for parents and teachers to have meaningful discussions about positive interactions with others. Children will be eager to discover what capers lie around the corner and what kind of critters the Terrence and Avelah will be introduced to next. The adventure never ends ….