ft. The Fox (The Untold Stories of lil Terrence & Avelah)

In The Untold Stories of Terrence and Avelah Featuring the Little Fox, an installment in a book series by author and illustrator Maxwell Emcays, teddy bear Terrence and bluebird Avelah continue their string of adventures in the park as they search for Terrence’s best friend.

THOUGHTS: When you focus on other’s pains, they can have a change of heart and be a better friend. We should always give a helping hand. Helping others through their pain is good for us. We can make new friends when we are nice and giving.  
FEELINGS:  Sometimes we do not know we need help, and that makes us mean and nasty. Being in pain is not cool. It hurts us and others when we are in pain. Hurt people hurt people. 
ACTION:  Change the world one heart at a time. If we are able to help someone do well and feel good, it makes the world a better place. Giving to others makes us feel good. So go feel good.

This time, a wise owl suggests changing hearts, so the two reluctantly set off to find a fox that has been creating quite a bit of chaos. The other critters are not happy with the fox, who has destroyed their most prized possessions. They are ready to write him off as a bully until Terrence and Avelah discover the reason behind his befuddling behavior.

With entertaining dialogue that focuses the art of alliteration to reinforce letter sounds to emerging readers, children are surprised by how circumstances that seem so cut and dry turn out to be anything but that. The book is a wonderful way for teachers and parents to discuss why it’s best not to jump to conclusions.

As the series continues, readers never know what situation Terrence and Avelah will get themselves into next. Stay tuned …