About Maxwell Emcays

Maxwell Emcays grew up with a strong dislike for reading. His ADD coupled with dyslexia made reading any book a torturous task. But this handicap is what makes his stories truly compelling . Maxwell Emcays states that he  “creates not so words may be read, but so stories may be told.” In this sense, the medium of output is secondary to the function of the narrative. 

After writing and illustrating 5 books, Maxwell Emcays realized he needed to create a means for not only his work to be released, but for others with aligned desire.  The Emcays Publishing House was created to lower the barriers impeding creators from telling their stories.

Maxwell Emcays believes in the importance of children being exposed to new narratives. Children are better equipped to deal with life and obstacles when they see new narratives. He believes that children should not grow up with a narrow mindset. Opening up possibilities is his goal. Maxwell Emcays understands firsthand the necessity of being exposed to possibilities as a child. That is why he wants to make sure that children experience a New Narrative with all of the stories he tells.